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4 Tips to Get the Best Professional Upholstery Cleaning Value in Bothell, WA

4 Tips to Get the Best Professional Upholstery Cleaning Value in Bothell, WA

An upholstery purchase is certainly not inexpensive, because furniture is solidly built so that it can endure daily use and therefore last for many years. The investment you make deserves professional maintenance. The following advice helps lengthen the lifespan of your upholstery:

Have it professionally cleaned regularly.

Our upholstery does not receive the use and abuse of our floor coverings, but accumulates soils nonetheless. Fabric designs may hide contaminants, which include dust, body oils from our skin and scalp, liquid spills and pet "issues". Cleaning upholstery in Bothell, WA   every year is not excessive!

Use arm covers and headrest covers.

The areas that our skin and hair regularly rest on absorb tiny amounts of our body oils every time we sit there. Body oils are transparent making the buildup all but invisible, but it's still there. This particular substance not only is on the fabric but the cushion inside acts like a sponge. Regular cleaning decreases oils on the fabric and therefore penetrating into the cushion, making for a more thorough cleaning.

Ask questions before the cleaning, not after.

Any misconceptions are eliminated for both the client and the technician when all details and expectations are addressed prior to the cleaning. The time that's best for this is on the initial phone call so as to get a feel for the professionalism and knowledge of All Star Carpet Cleaning.

After the cleaning.

You'll undoubtedly be informed by your technician of any necessary post-cleaning details. This is a great opportunity for any final questions. You may be asked to leave cushions off the "bench" of the upholstery for the fastest and most thorough drying which avoids any rare drying issues. Following this advice may be inconvenient for a few hours but worthwhile. Hopefully these tips help you enjoy your Cleaning upholstery in Bothell, WA as long