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All Star Redmond, WA Truck mount steam cleaning


All Star Redmond, WA Truck Mount Steam Cleaning

While you may have our Redmond, WA Truck Mount Steam Cleaning come to your house once a year for spring cleaning, you should consider having them come every few months—especially if you have pets.

If you have allergies or asthma, pet dander can aggravate your symptoms even more. While vacuuming more frequently will certainly help, you won't get the deepest cleaning that you need. This dander and dust can also be a breeding ground for dust mites. But dust mites cannot survive after a good steam cleaning! And, after steaming your carpet, you'll have even better air quality in your home--meaning, you won't have nasty allergy or asthma symptoms.

Has your cat or dog accidentally urinated or defecated on your carpet? You may have cleaned the carpet stain up, but the odor and bacteria may still linger. Steam Cleaning will help you destroy any germs that may still be festering in the carpet. If you scrub the stain to much, you may actually fray the carpet, or push the odor and stain deeper into the carpet fibers. So, it's in your best interest to call a professional who can properly remove nasty smells and stains.

As you know, Washington's rain can cause all sorts of mud and puddles, which your pets then track into the house! Since other cleaning methods can leave detergent residues, your best bet is our Redmond, WA Truck Mount Steam Cleaning. The equipment that the cleaners use will vacuum at the same time as they spray heating water and special chemicals. Their equipment doesn't leave residue like store-bought cleaners. The chemical treatment will dislodge your pet's tracks, and the vacuum will suck the debris right up.

As you can see, steam cleaning your carpets is a necessary chore if you have pets!

All Star Redmond, WA Truck Mount Steam Cleaning


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