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Area Rugs Cleaning in Kirkland, WA

Area rugs in Kirkland, WA are majorly kept in the house for extra beauty and comfort. It gives the beauty and makes the room more inviting from the coziness. However, the area rugs are prone to quick wear and tear on the daily basis. They easily trap dirt, dust, mud, odors and oil from the heavy traffic, smoking, pet accidents and spills. In proper area rug cleaning, it helps to prolong it life and prevent premature wearing out.


Area rug in Kirkland, WA cleaning should not be treated like carpet cleaning from the nature of the rugs fiber. They are rich of dyes that can easily bleed and discolor the rug and the floor underneath. In some instances, the damage may be irreversible. Unlike the carpet cleaning, area rug cleaning should be handled with care since you can be in a position to give the right care to the rug. In an event of spill and stain, loosen the stain with club soda. You can also blot out all the excess liquid with a cloth or a paper towel.


Carpet cleaning involves the use of steam or abrasive solutions that in the case of rug cleaning would damage the delicate, handmade and the natural fiber rugs such as wool and silk.


Therefore, professional area rug in Kirkland, WA  cleaning involves inspection of the rug fiber, dyes, origin and condition to ascertain the appropriate cleaning solution. This requires the customer to ask questions to the professionals who offer right advice. Upon satisfaction, the area rug is dusted using gentle compressed air technique in order to remove dirt and small particles. It is then hand-cleaned and rinsed gently to avoid color runs. They are either dried naturally with the gravity pull, flat dried and fresh air breeze. The natural beauty of the rug is restored through combing or fluffing.


Upon the satisfaction on the cleaning process, area rug is delivered and aligned to your specification.

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