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Area rugs in New Castle, WA

Though they are smaller than whole house carpet, Area rugs in New Castle, WA   are just as important to keep clean. They are usually placed in key areas of the home, such as on a living room floor, at the threshold of the entrance, or in the main hallway. Because they are placed in prominent locations, homeowners often spend a great deal of money buying expensive area rugs to suit their décor, such as patterned Oriental rugs.

Area rugs in New Castle, WA, also receive a great deal of foot traffic, sometimes even more than ordinary carpeting. It's easy to accumulate dirt and stains over time. If you have pets there is also pet odor may be a problem, too.

Finer area rugs may need specialized cleaning tailored to the type of fabric they are made of. Expensive area rugs should be call All Star Carpet Cleaning who has the training and the equipment to do a gentle cleaning treatments to use for finer fabrics. This will insure that the gorgeous color will be maintained and the weave of the rug will not fray.

No matter what fabric they are made of or how expensive they are Area rugs in New Castle, WA should be regularly cleaned. Your carpet cleaner can remove difficult stains and odor, and can place a finishing treatment on the rug after cleaning, to make it more difficult to soil in the future. Your rugs will have a fresh, clean fragrance when done.

At All Star Carpet Cleaning   we use green alternatives to the harsher cleaning chemicals of the past, so you can be assured that their treatments will be safe for the environment as well