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Best Choice Professional Steam Cleaning in Bothell, Wa

Best Choice Professional Steam Cleaning in Bothell, Wa


 Are your carpets overdue for a professional steam cleaning in Bothell, Wa? It's not unusual to hear new customers tell us they would have called earlier if they knew how effective and affordable our carpet cleaning was. There's no reason to delay; if it's been awhile since you had your carpets professionally cleaned contact us today. If you still have the manufacturer's instructions they'll likely include information on how frequently you should have your carpets cleaned. Usually this will be once or twice a year but will vary depending on the type of carpet and the amount and type of traffic. If you're unsure, or no longer have the maker's instructions we can help.


 Don't think vacuuming alone is enough. It's very important to vacuum your carpets and rugs on a regular basis. This should be done weekly at least. High traffic areas might need to be vacuumed daily. Here's the thing you need to know, though: it doesn't matter how good your vacuum is, your carpets need periodic professional cleanings. It's not just our opinion, Your carpet manufacturer will tell you the same thing. Here's why, no vacuum can pull all the dirt and debris out of your carpet. There will always be some debris left at the base of your carpet. All that dust, dirt and potential allergens can damage your carpet over time.


 We provide affordable high quality steam cleaning in Bothell, Wa  service. We use hot water extraction, sometimes referred to as 'steam cleaning' to clean your carpets. Many experts consider this the best carpet care option. If a steam cleaned carpet doesn't dry properly the consequences can be disastrous. We have the expertise to make sure your carpets dry thoroughly in a minimum amount of tine. No local competitor does as good a job for less. Why wait, contact us today.