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Bothell,Wa.Carpet Cleaning


Bothell,Wa.Carpet Cleaning,

                                                     Carpet Cleaning in Bothell,Wa. happens everyday. Keeping your Carpet clean can be a task which method is the best?

All Star Carpet Cleaning uses truck mounted steam cleaning. Truck mounted steam cleaning is the most recommended by all the carpet manufactors.

                                                      Vacuuming is a good way to keep the Carpet clean but vacuuming alone just can't get all the little particles.

Carpet Cleaning is a good idea to have done 1 or 2 times a year in Bothell,Wa. and anywhere you have homes.

                                                      If you get spills in between cleanings it's a good idea to keep cans of club soda, get the bulk of the spill and the spot that is left

behind with club soda it does a great job with fresh spills.Call All Star today and make an appointment.

                        Bothell,Wa.Carpet Cleaning