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Breath New Life into that old Carpet with Professional Carpet Cleaning in Bothell, WA!

Breath New Life into that old Carpet with Professional Carpet Cleaning in Bothell, WA!


Owning a home is an investment, and one of the best ways to protect that investment is with regular cleaning and maintenance. But regular use can wreak havoc on your carpeting, leaving you with carpeting covered with stains and patches with odd and unpleasant odors. Household cleaning products promise great results but too often they seem to do little more than take the color out of the carpet fibers -while leaving stains and odors behind. And no matter how often you vacuum, your carpeting just looks dingier and dirtier as time passes. It can leave you frustrated and thinking that the only way to have truly clean carpeting again is to replace all the carpeting in your home. But there is a better solution.


Our Professional Carpet Cleaning in Bothell, WA company provides full service carpet cleaning that can literally take years off of your carpet's appearance. Using powerful hot water extraction, we can extract the dirt and allergens from deep within your carpet fibers that are left behind by suck vacuums. This process works quickly, pulling dirty water out of your carpeting just as fast as it was released, leaving you with carpeting that is barely damp and will dry quickly. But, more importantly, it leaves you with carpeting that is bright in color and soft to the touch again.


We also perform targeted cleaning to stains and odors, using products that are specifically formulated for your exact carpet type. This eliminates the risk of damage and/or discoloration to your carpeting while gently and thoroughly removing stains and smells. This form of steam cleaning is only available through Professional Carpet Cleaning in Bothell, WA due to the nature of the equipment and expertise necessary in operating it. But the results are truly worth it. Give us a call to find out more today!