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Call Our Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Everett, WA

Call Our Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Everett, WA


When it comes to your carpets, Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Everett, WA can seem like a waste of money. The vacuum sucks up any messes, you can take care of spills and stains yourself, and a little dirt never hurt anyone--but a clean carpet is more than just what’s on the surface. Regular vacuums don’t have the power to pick up everything. Particles of dust and sand will stay in the fibers of your carpet and build up over time. Apart from causing gradual discoloration, this can become a breeding ground for bacteria and dust mites that can spread sickness through your home. The dirt also acts as an abrasive, wearing down the carpet fabric slowly every time you step on it.


Pollen and other allergens can become trapped inside of your carpet as well. When they get in during Spring, they can settle in for good if they’re not properly washed away. Letting them stay in your house and constantly agitating them by walking and kicking them up can bring you discomfort year-round. Accidents happen; when a stain happens, usually it’s just a quick google search to figure out how to fix it yourself. Sometimes, though, stains are too big or tough for even the best of us. They can become impossible to fix it without leaving behind residue or even causing more damage.


Using your own carpet cleaning machine can be effective, but store-bought ones aren’t as good as professional-grade machines with trained experts behind them. To avoid sickness and damage, you should be having your carpet cleaned by Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Everett, WA at least once a year. If not, you may have to spend even more money in the long run for a full replacement when things get so bad that they can’t be helped anymore.