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Caring For and Cleaning Exotic Area Rugs in Everett

Exotic Area Rugs in Everett are purchased because they are handcrafted and beautiful. They may have been crafted from countries such as India, China, Persia, Turkey or Afghanistan. Their international origin makes them even more appealing to consumers.

Exotic Area Rugs in Everett tend to be expensive, and they must be treated gently when they are cleaned. That is because they often contain vegetable dyes which can be harmed by some cleaning chemicals. Unfortunately, they are also subject to the same types of troubles that beset ordinary Area Rugs in Everett . They can accumulate dirt, dust and stains, and their colors can also be affected by the sun.

Caring For Your Exotic Rug

It is important to properly maintain your exotic Area Rugs in Everett for the longest wear. Try to keep the rug away from the sun. Flip or turn it regularly so that it wears evenly. Vacuuming of dirt and dust should be done routinely.

Soaps are not recommended for cleaning exotic Area Rugs in Everett , since they may cause the colors to run. Occasionally, you can dab the rug with a solution of water spray combined with a very small amount of vinegar. Dry quickly, as water itself can cause discoloration on some fabrics if allowed to drip.

For the longest and best wear of your exotic Area Rugs in Everett , have All Star Carpet Cleaning come in to properly clean it regularly. All Star Carpet Cleaning will customize their cleaning solutions and techniques for the special type of fabric in your rug, so that it is gently cleaned. They can also treat stains and deodorize your exotic Area Rugs in Everett  for better use.

With proper care of your exotic Area Rugs in Everett , you can expect to enjoy their beauty for many years.