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Carpet Cleaning Services

Congratulations! You’ve just had your new carpet installed in your home or business. Right now it looks great, and you’re sure that with daily vacuuming and careful watching, the carpet will look new for years to come. However, it only takes one spilled glass -or slush filled winter- to make your carpet look dingy and old. No amount of vacuuming or scrubbing on your hands and knees will make it look as new or fresh again. When that time comes, do yourself a favor and call a professional carpet cleaning service.

Carpets receive a lot of wear and tear over the years. The more dirt they accumulate the older they begin to look. It is possible to clean a carpet on your own but if you really want your home or business to look great, call the carpet cleaning professionals. Stains and ground in dirt can be hard for every day floor cleaners to pick up. Professional carpet cleaning services in Bothell, WA  have specialized equipment made to deep clean the carpet of any home or business.

Water damage and the resulting mold can also severely damage your carpets and the floor underneath. In these cases it is best to seek a carpet cleaning service. Many are equipped to clean and dry floors that have suffered these types of damages. If the carpets are not thoroughly washed and dried, it can not only lead to costly floor repairs- but cause health problems as well.

Specialized vacuums and floor scrubbers give your carpet a better clean than you would get with an at home or rental cleaner. Using heat and customized shampoos, carpet cleaning services have everything needed to make your carpet cleaner and leave your house feeling fresher. Instead of fighting with the heavy rent-a-day machines, give your local cleaning service a call.

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