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Carpet Steam Cleaning Bothell, WA Advantages


 Carpeting is a challenge to keep clean. Mostly, it is because carpet is often put in areas of the home that are wildly used such as in the family room, bedroom, dining room and living room. In addition, people trample on carpeting every day with dirty shoes, which will dirty the carpeting.

Moreover, people have mishaps and spill beverages and drop food on the carpeting from time to time. Pets are also a culprit because they often have accidents that soil the carpets. Spot cleaning will not be sufficient to get your carpets thoroughly clean and to get rid of strong pet odors.

Today, steam cleaning is fast becoming one of the most common and efficient ways to clean carpeting. It effectively removes dirt, dust mites, pet dander and debris. The use of steam also removes hidden and trapped dirt, which restores carpeting and makes it look brand new.

The use of stream also kills bacteria and mold and rids carpets of allergens, which will make your home a healthier place to live in. Also, it cleans without leaving a soapy residue because all that is used is hot heat, high pressure water and a small amount of cleaning agents. Plus, the vacuums we use have a strong suctioning power that removes dirt, allergens and debris from your carpet.

In addition, we apply deodorizers to help keep your carpeting smelling fresh and clean for months. Our Steam cleaning in Bothell, WA is eco-friendly because there are not any harsh chemicals used to clean your carpets, which means your carpeting will not be fade, stain or become discolored.

Steam cleaning in Bothell, WA is one of the safest ways to get your carpets clean. Call our well-established and reputable carpet cleaning company today if you want your carpeting to look like new and smell fresh and clean without the use of harsh and abrasive cleansers.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Bothell, WA Advantages


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