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Carpet spot cleaning tips in Lynnwood,Wa.


Carpet spot cleaning tips in Lynnwood,Wa.

                                                                       Carpet spots happen often in Lynnwood,Wa. and other areas. It is a good idea to keep a six-pac.of club soda

I say six-pac because the cans stay carbonated untill you open them.Lets say your having a dinner party and someone knocks over something.

You wipe up the main stuff but it leaves a spot behind you just go to the cupboard get your magical can of club soda not using to much you lift

that spot off your carpet like it was never there!

                                                                      That's just one idea there are many more to come.So look for these articles and more ideas.

All Star Carpet Cleaning goes to Lynwood,Wa. all the time Carpet spot cleaning is one of the things we do. Call All Star and make an appointment

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                      Carpet spot cleaning tips in Lynnwood,Wa.