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Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Bothell, WA What Is Needed

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Bothell, WA What Is Needed


The world can still be a dirty place. It is filled with pollen, allergens and mold spores floating around outside of your commercial building or home. There is mud that can be tracked in and pet owners have animal hair and fur on their clothing as they come to work. Leaves and other debris is tracked in by careless people and/or customers and stuff blows in through any open windows. Anything that comes in can be distributed by the heating and air conditioning ducts to all other areas. Our Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Bothell, WA can help take care of all that!


There are also the debris, dust and dirt that may be generated by any manufacturing processes you have in the building. There are coffee cups without lids and foods, prepared right in the kitchen down the hall that can be spilled on the floors, especially the carpets. The biggest problems with all of the above is that the carpets usually receive all of them. They will get deep into the carpet pile and hang on for quite some time. This does not happen for long, however, because just walking across the surface or dragging a piece of equipment or chair can then dislodge it and it becomes airborne. This can cause it to move to other places in the same space. Our Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Bothell, WA knows all about this.


Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Bothell, WA is the answer to the modern world. As a modern answer, we take pride in our goal of 100% satisfaction, based on our years of trained, insured, and bonded work. We design a program for your carpet needs, based on the types and amount of carpet you have, combine with the types of contamination that is routinely found. A thorough inspection will involve the science of cleaning carpets to establish the method of cleaning, based on the two main processes, along with a process of maintenance that will keep your modern facility up to date in a dirty world.