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Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Kirkland, WA

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Kirkland, WA


There are many things that can become embedded in your carpets, whether in your commercial building or your home. This includes such things, naturally, as dirt and dust as well as leaves and mud tracked in from outside. There are also things such as pollen and germs and other allergens, such as molds and things that make people sick. This is something that a commercial carpet cleaning company must be contacted for. Our Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Kirkland, WA can help you recover from this dangerous mix of, often, toxic materials.


When confronted with floor coverings that do not help you stay clan and healthy, it is crucial to get the right kind of assistance. This means the trained, insured and bonded personnel who have been doing this for many years. Our Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Kirkland, WA provides 100% satisfaction in the work we do, which is a mix of science and common sense. First, the entire carpeted area is vacuumed to remove as much debris, dust and dirt as possible. This is probably the same as you in your efforts to keep these fairly expensive elements of your decorating scheme clean. Then we go deeper in our services.


We use specialized Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Kirkland, WA equipment and techniques to remove all of the contaminants and make your floors clean and safe as well as healthier for you and your employees. The choice of equipment will be based on your carpets and the type of soil that is the predominate component of the contamination. Most carpets benefit form the water extraction system. This is a machine that allows for the deep cleaning with a forced water/cleanser solution and a set of rotting oscillating brushes to dislodge the particles of dirt and allergens, suspending them in the solution. A powerful vacuum then picks this material up for disposal, leaving a disinfected, clean and healthy floor.