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Edmonds, WA Professional Carpet Cleaning Service


Edmonds, WA Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Lifting that heavy carpet off your floor to clean it can be a very difficult task. In such cases, the best solution is to hire the services of professionals in this field. While renting a carpet cleaner may seem cheaper than hiring professional carpet cleaners, there are benefits of calling in the experts that make the extra cost worthwhile. Not only does hiring a professional carpet cleaner save you time, you also ensure that your carpet is cleaned effectively. To get the most out of these services, ensure you hire a company with a truck mounted steam cleaning machine. Here are the major benefits of seeking the services of a company that uses a truck mounted steam cleaner.

Higher pressure and temperature:

Truck mounted steam cleaners can be operated at higher temperatures and pressures than portable cleaning systems. With a pressure of about 400 to 500 psi, these machines can work wonders when it comes to dirt removal from the carpet. They can also provide steam with a temperature of up to 200 degrees, allowing for more effective use of the cleaning agents. Consequently, you will have a carpet that is much cleaner and does not have residue.

Industrial strength vacuum power

In addition to higher temperature and pressure, truck mounted steam cleaners also offer higher vacuum levels. Experienced professional cleaning companies know that vacuuming carpets before proceeding with the deep cleaning process is crucial to getting the best results.

Finally, since truck mounted cleaners are easier to assemble and have less downtime during the job, your Edmonds, WA  professional cleaning service will be able to complete the task much quicker. The use of a truck mounted machine makes the process less messy because the cleaning professional only has to bring hoses into your house.

Edmonds, WA Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

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