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Edmonds, WA steam cleaning your home - safe and green techniques


Edmonds, WA Steam Cleaning Your Home - Safe and Green Techniques

When it comes to green carpet cleaning, steam is a natural source utilizing only clean water to create an effectively powerful carpet cleaning force.

With the absence of harm-causing, expensive chemicals Edmonds, WA steam cleaning is an extremely easy, safe and one of the most cost-effective ways of cleaning round your home.

Steam does not leave any toxic residues on your home's various surfaces and does not stain clothing. These and many are the myriad reasons why Edmonds, WA steam cleaning carpet has become one of the leading alternatives to the traditionally employed shampoo cleaning method.

The EPA indicates that the typical person is usually found inside of their home or office space 80-90% of their time. That's why it is imperative that all sorts of harmful pollutants are removed regularly.

Utilizing hot water extraction and steam cleaning techniques, dirt, dust and allergens are removed from deep within your furniture and carpets.

Steam cleaning carpet uses specialized equipment which shoots out hot water into your carpet's fibers to properly remove all the debris build-up. This heated application aids in reducing any bacteria, mites germs and other toxins. The level of moisture content that's applied is easily controlled, but it depends upon the surface that is being worked upon, so as to not damage the underlying material.

The depth of our Edmonds, WA steam cleaning treatment reduces harmful allergens, plus it greatly improves the overall looks, appearance and lifespan of your carpeting as well. Unlike the yellow tint that usually results from most brighteners, there is hardly any chance of carpet discoloration when hot water and steam cleaning methods are employed. Drying is quicker and re-soiling is minimal.

Our certified trained technicians with our powerful professional equipment produce much better and longer-lasting results than you would with a regular steam cleaner. You can rest assured that your flooring is in excellent hands of reputable professionals.

Edmonds, WA Steam Cleaning Your Home - Safe and Green Techniques

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