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Everett, WA Steam cleaning - Advantages, How it works & understanding it


Everett, WA Steam Cleaning - Advantages, How it Works & Understanding it

Benefits of Deep Steam Cleaning

 For maximum efficiency, top-to-bottom kind of dirt removal of fiber-cutting soil, surface cleaning is not enough. All Star Carpet Cleaners recommend professional deep steam cleaning of your rugs and carpets. The high heat from the extremely hot water used in our Everett, WA steam cleaning kills off bacteria, mold, dust mites, and fungus - making it the healthiest method to clean your rugs. The high pressure steamy water removes all dirt and grime from the very roots of your carpet fibers.

 The best techniques for cleaning carpets - Deep Steam Cleaning

  Carpet manufacturers everywhere agree that the best way to deep clean carpets is to use the hot water extraction method - also known as 'deep steam cleaning'.

Why is dry carpet cleaning not preferred over steam cleaning?

 Because cleaning your carpet is kind of like washing your hair - your rug is pre-sprayed first, and then like shampooing hair, our trained carpet cleaning experts steam clean and rinse your rugs. When it comes to proper drying of your lush carpets, we dry-stroke it - like you towel-dry your hair.

Just the way freshly shampooed hair smells and feels, without excessive oils and with squeaky clean roots, that's exactly how steam cleaning works on your carpets. And that's why our All Star Carpet Cleaners highly suggest getting all your rugs steam cleaned regularly for maximum hygiene, cleanliness and shiny perfection.

Understanding Deep Steam Cleaning

The deep Everett, WA steam cleaning process is actually proper hot water extraction, which produces a LOT of steam. With the usage of an efficient truck-mount hot water extraction machine, super hot water is forced out, into your rugs, under extra pressure, which then proceeds to suck out the dirt thoroughly.

 Using very little cleaning agents, Everett, WA deep steam cleaning is just the best way to clean your carpet, and is eco-friendly to boot!

Everett, WA Steam Cleaning - Advantages, How it Works & Understanding it

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