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Green Carpet Cleaning in Kirkland, Wa

Green Carpet Cleaning in Kirkland, Wa


Carpets are a great enhancement to any room, but they are highly used and abused. They receive heavy foot traffic, food and drink spills, and we expose them to pets and children. Cleaning carpets without the right products and tools can damage them as valuable investments, causing them wear, tear, or fading. A freshly cleaned carpet that has been treated by our professional green Carpet Cleaning in Kirkland, Wa professionals can make any home or office seem like a whole new place.


People are making the decision to use environmentally friendly products in their daily lives, including Carpet Cleaning in Kirkland, Wa. We understand that green carpet cleaning helps to improve the air we breathe and sanitizes our flooring environment. Just because a product that is chemical free, doesn't mean that it can't get rid of embedded dirt and grime that cause allergies. Our affordable cleaning products are non-toxic, while also being a child and pet friendly carpet cleaning solution. Whether at home or in an office, products that were traditionally used to clean carpets often included pesticides, acetone, or acids, all of which can be cancer-causing agents. These products can be related to many health issues, such as asthma, headaches, sneezing, and other conditions. When children and pets, who like playing close to the floor, comes in contact with embedded and hidden contaminants, they are very likely to be effected.


Our green Carpet Cleaning in Kirkland, Wa solutions is an organic cleaning system that is chemically free at an affordable price. Our natural cleaning products will leave your carpets sparkling clean without any concerns about potential harm to your health or to the earth. When we enter your home for carpet cleaning, our cleaning systems dries efficiently, which limits the potential for mold growth. Our fully equipped truck mounts uses equipment that embraces water conservation by using a low moisture cleaning system. Our natural, green cleaning system is great for the environment, it is family friendly, pet friendly, and is an affordable carpet cleaning service.