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Green Carpet Cleaning in Mill Creek, Wa Is Affordable and Family Friendly

Green Carpet Cleaning in Mill Creek, Wa Is Affordable and Family Friendly


It is a dirty world out there and it wants to come into your house. This is accomplished by the many people, including the little ones, tracking it in. The stuff that will come in is a long enough list to make some people worry about the cleanliness of any surface that kids play on. Some of those fairly dangerous elements include pollen, allergens, dirt, dust and even mold spores. Affordable Carpet Cleaning in Mill Creek,Wa is called for from a company who, like us, are certified in the green cleaning you need to protect your home, yourself and your children from all of that outside coming in. Green carpet cleaning is similar to regular cleaning except it is so much more. It begins with a walk through by our trained technicians to discover dirtier than normal spots and, possibly, some hand work with specialized tools and supplies. The furniture is removed to ensure a complete job can be accomplished. It continues with a pre-treatment of specially formulated green technology cleansers of the areas to be cleaned.


Depending on the nature of the carpeting, one of two main systems are sued for the actual deep cleaning. Wool or the more natural fibers, which cannot stand a lot of water, are cleaned through a dry chemical process which uses an ultra-low moisture media that bonds with the dirt, soils and allergen, making them large enough to be vacuumed up. Standard carpeting is deep cleaned using a water extraction system that forces a green technology cleanser/water solution deep into the fiber and suspends the contaminants so the powerful vacuum system can pull it out.


Children friendly Carpet Cleaning in Mill Creek, Wa means getting all of the contaminants out of the carpet and leaving a soft surface. This is really only accomplished by not leaving any cleanser residue which is also part of the definition of green carpet cleaning. Call us for a detailed explanation of what we can do for the health and safety of your home and the health, safety and fun of your children on their favorite playing surface.