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High Grade Steam Cleaning in Mill Creek, Wa

High Grade Steam Cleaning in Mill Creek, Wa


  Ready to see your carpet and upholstery in a new light? With our professional steam cleaning in Mill Creek, Wa you'll be amazed at how quickly and thoroughly we can transform your tired, stained, and dirty carpet. Picture your carpet the way it looked when it was brand new, with bright fibers and a vivid sheen. You can have that same beautiful carpeting again thanks to our state of the art carpet cleaning and detail focused cleaning crew.


  Contrary to the name, steam cleaning in Mill Creek, Wa doesn't actually use steam to clean your carpet and upholstery. Rather, it uses a process of hot water extraction that, due to the high heat of the water, causes a chemical reaction that lifts dirt and stains from deep within the carpet fibers. The hot water is extracted from the carpeting as quickly as it is applied, pulling dirt, stains, allergens, and odors away for good. A preconditioning agent is applied to carpeting beforehand to help break up stains and deep-set dirt. After the steam cleaning, carpeting is thoroughly dried to ensure that there's no saturation of the carpet pad.


  This same process is used for upholstery cleaning to bring your furniture back to a like new state. Daily use of furniture subjects it to dirt, newspaper ink, food particles, and pet hair and dander. It happens so slowly that you barely notice, but eventually your upholstery is dingy and looking a different color. But our professional steam cleaning in Mill Creek, Wa can effortlessly remove that built-up dirt and grime, returning your furniture to showroom condition. If you're ready to see the professional difference when it comes to cleaning your carpet and upholstery, give us a call today! Free estimates are available and don't forget to ask us about our other professional cleaning services!