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Hot Water Extraction Leaves Carpets Looking Like New in Everett, WA


If your home is looking and smelling a little stale lately, it may be your carpet it may be time to call the experts at All Star Carpet cleaning your carpet needs to be deep cleaned this will help to keep it sanitized and refreshed. Store-bought carpet cleaning foams, while is okay for spot cleaning, don’t loosen soil particles. They only mask the odors with fragrance and most use large amounts of soap which leaves a residue on your carpet that attracts dirt, making your carpet look dirty again within a short time.

The solution is to call All Star Carpet Cleaning carpet suffers more abuse than any other piece of furnishing in your home. Even with regular vacuuming, the fibers trap dirt deep down. Every time you walk on it, things like stains, soil, allergens, dust and even dust mites and mold can be ground deep into the pile. This can be unsightly and unhealthy. If your carpet looks dingy, the whole room looks dingy. It’s time for a professional cleaning. Hot water extraction is slightly different than steam cleaning. Steam cleaning requires water to be 212 degrees to produce steam. This can cause shrinkage or fading in some fabrics. Hot water extraction uses hot water, but not so hot that it turns to steam, so it’s generally safer. It also allows water to flow through the fibers more effectively, loosening and rinsing the soils out of the carpet. Steam doesn’t loosen or move solid particles trapped in the pile.

At All Star Carpet Cleaning we choose hot water extraction in Everett, Wa. as the top method for cleaning carpets and with good reason. It is the most effective way to remove contaminants and soil while disinfecting and sanitizing your carpet. Hot water and sanitizing agents are pressure-driven deep down into the carpet, moving and separating the pile fibers to release trapped soil and other contaminants. The dirty water is then sucked up out of the carpet using a high-powered wet-vac.

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