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Hot Water Extraction in Kirkland, WA Cleaning

One of the best ways of getting the dirt out of a carpet's pile, is with very hot water. Our professional cleaners use machinery, including truck mounted cleaners in their hot water extraction cleaning. If you want your rugs and carpets to last and stay looking brighter for longer, then you should have them professionally cleaned. All of our cleaning operatives are specially trained in the use of hot water extraction machines for cleaning carpets. The hot water, along with the specially devised cleaning products that we use, is designed to get your carpet looking as bright as it did when new.


Cleaning Machinery


Most of our hot water extraction cleaning machines are truck mounted. Over the years we have found that these types of cleaning machines work far better than more portable cleaners. The water that's extracted is far too hot to be used when cleaning by hand. In effect, these machines steam clean your rugs and carpets, pulling out all of the dirt and grime that obscures the original colors of the carpets. The use of hot water extraction cleaners makes the job fast and easy, so you won't be disturbed for hours on end while we clean your carpets.


A Professional Finish


We have found that no other cleaners or cleaning system gives a better and more professional finish than that of hot water extraction in Kirkland, WA cleaning. The hot water gets right down into the pile of your carpets and rugs, lifting out the dirt and restoring the carpets to their original, jewel bright coloring. We have found that professionally cleaned carpets tend to last longer than those that are not cleaned professionally. Why wait? Get your carpets professionally cleaned and see the difference for yourself.

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