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My professional Bothell, WA Steam cleaning business


My Professional Bothell, WA Steam Cleaning Business

If you wish to have a clean, deodorized carpet or rug my experienced staff will help you achieve your goal when you want them to. You can confidently walk on your soft, sparkling carpet knowing it is safe for you to do so. Other Bothell, WA Steam Cleaning competitors do not reach every nook and cranny; however, we pride ourselves on removing grime from every corner of your plush floor as you would expect us to.

I work closely with my manufacturing partners to ensure my employees use the latest technical equipment to keep everyone safe from harm. I encourage my staff to use environmentally friendly Bothell, WA Steam Cleaning products so they can achieve the desired result with minimal fuss. We will clean your lounge room, study, bedroom, dining room and office space when we are available to do so.

While we cannot guarantee we will remove all of the stains on your carpet we promise to do our best to improve your floor to the best of our ability. I will personally inspect your carpet and provide you with a no obligation free quote to help you decide what is best for you. Customer service is very important to me which is why I will give you back your money if you are disappointed with my service no questions asked.

I encourage my employees to use the latest green products to ensure they do their job without harming anyone when they have finished it. Your children can confidently run and sit on your precious carpet knowing it is safe for them to do so. In conclusion we pride ourselves on our ability to leave your carpet in far better condition than when we initially inspected it.

My Professional Bothell, WA Steam Cleaning Business

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