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Need Air Duct Cleaning in Bothell, WA, Call Us

Need Air Duct Cleaning in Bothell, WA, Call Us



 If anyone in your family is suffering with allergies, or unexplained health problems that may be related to the air they breathe at home, contact us. Maybe you are just getting the feeling it has been a long time since the ducts were cleaned. We are the professionals to inspect and clean your air ducts. We know mold, dust, and rodent evidence when we set it and are quick and thorough at removing it. We specialize in professional air duct cleaning and have all the proper equipment. We will explain everything before beginning the project: our equipment, our procedures, and the steps we take to protect the safety of all your family members, including the pets. We can clean ducts with you present or not, however you are the most comfortable.


 We can provide you with a written agreement projecting the estimated cost and time involvement before proceeding with your home or office space duct cleaning. We are trained in all the major heating and cooling systems. Air Duct Cleaning in Bothell, WA will in no way damage them. Soft brushes will be used in the ducts during cleaning to remove any debris that could be left behind by the vacuum. These brushes will not damage the surface of the ducts. Our high quality vacuuming equipment will protect all of your home furnishings and only expel the materials being removed from the ducts outside of your home.


 Any and all access points used will be tightly resealed at the conclusion of our service. If you would like to talk to us, feel free to call or email. Ask questions about the process and availability. Our Air Duct Cleaning in Bothell, WA schedule can fit yours. If you would like to talk to others who have used our professional duct cleaning service in the past, it can be arranged.