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Our Redmond, WA Steam Cleaning Is A Popular Carpet Cleaning Method

Carpeting is one of the most used areas in your home. It can get dirty fairly easily if you do not have it professionally cleaned at least once a year by a reputable carpet cleaning company like ours.

 Since carpeting is often placed in high traffic areas of the home such as the bedroom, den, family room and the living and dining room, it will get stained, stinky and soiled. Some of the main reasons include muddy shoes, pet accidents, kids spilling food and drinks and musty feet.

 There are many carpet cleaning methods available today, but one of the best carpet cleaning methods today is steam cleaning. It is one of the safest and most thorough methods. It deeply cleans carpets and goes beyond the fibers to remove dirt, grime and embedded debris as well as funky odors.

 Steam also gets rid of bacteria, allergens and pollutants as well mold and mildew. The use of steam is environmentally friendly because it does not involve the use of any strong detergents or harmful chemicals.

 When stream is used, your carpeting will be safely and effectively cleaned with intense heat and water along with powerful vacuuming suctioning. Dirt, debris, food particles, bacteria and allergens will be effectively removed from your carpeting. Steam also disinfects carpeting and gets rid of contaminants and neutralizes odors.

Our Redmond, WA Steam cleaning also takes less time to dry due to the high level of heat. Steam is extremely safe and will not leave any sticky residue on your carpeting because it does not involve the use of soap. When our skilled team finishes cleaning your carpets, they will look brand new and will be sanitized.

 If you want the carpeting in your home to be safely and effectively cleaned, contact our established Redmond, WA steam cleaning carpet company today to schedule an appointment. 

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