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Pets and a Clean Carpet in Bothell, WA

If you are a pet owner who also has carpets in your home, you understand how difficult it can be to maintain the original beauty and cleanliness of your carpeting. The unwelcome challenges of pet activity resulting from pet odor and carpet-staining pet urine accidents can ruin even the most durable of carpets. While it may feel like you have to choose between your beautiful carpet and your beloved pet, there is good news. Professional carpet cleaning can get your carpets back to their original pristine condition, and alleviate your pet concern in Bothell, WA.

Here's how:

 First, our professional strength equipment and carpet-safe cleaning solutions will deep clean your carpet, lifting even the toughest stains out of carpet fibers. While store bought spot stain removal cleaning agents and steam cleaner rental machines are simply not powerful enough to completely remove stains created by pet urine, our powerful, high quality cleaning equipment will restore your carpet to its original, like-new look.


A second benefit of professional carpet cleaning is the dirt and odor removal capacity of our cleaning equipment. When pets spend time on the carpets, they can leave behind hair from shedding, dead skin, and unpleasant odors. The cleaning process that we use gets all of the dirt and odor out of the carpet, leaving it smelling and looking its very best.


If you have a pet concern in Bothell, WA related to damage that has been done to the quality of your carpets, you owe it to yourself to contact us today. We are experts in the carpet cleaning industry, and we pride ourselves on providing the best in quality service, one carpet at a time. Call us today to schedule a professional carpet cleaning. Your carpets will look like new after just one treatment, keeping both you and your pets happy.



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