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Regular Air Duct Cleaning in Kirkland, WA

Regular Air Duct Cleaning in Kirkland, WA


Air duct maintenance is probably the furthest thing from most homeowners' minds, but it can never be neglected. Most of us think about air duct cleaning only on milestone occasions - buying a house, selling a house, inspections, or home appraisals - but keeping your ventilation system free of dirt, mold, slime and debris is a requirement if you want to keep dust and allergens out of your home. How often should your air ductwork be cleaned? That's a very good question, because the answer depends on the climate and air contaminants in your neck of the woods, how often you run your heater or air conditioning, your filtration system, and the cost of Air Duct Cleaning in Kirkland, WA.


In general, you should have your air ducts inspected once a year when you have your entire HVAC system serviced, but use common sense and consider Air Duct Cleaning in Kirkland, WA (or replacement) when. You have permanent water damage You find evidence of slime growth Airflow is weaker than normal There is debris in the ducts Dust can be seen coming out of the air supply register You detect offensive odors coming from your HVAC system In time, your ductwork can become coated with dirt, mold, bugs and dead rodents, but the presence of these contaminants does not necessarily lead to interior air quality (IAQ) problems, but it's best to keep your whole HVAC system and ductwork as clean as possible, so you and your whole family can breathe easier.


To lessen the strain on your HVAC system, and to keep your air ducts cleaner, always install air filters rated at MERV 6 or higher, make sure the air intakes are located in non-contaminated places, and keep dirt and grime at bay inside your home with regular Air Duct Cleaning in Kirkland, WA.