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Reliable Best Carpet Cleaning in Kirkland, Wa

Reliable Best Carpet Cleaning in Kirkland, Wa


 Are you looking for a reliable carpet cleaning in Kirkland, Wa service? Proper care of carpets includes regular professional cleanings, or at the very least cleaning with specialized equipment that will extract the residue of debris that vacuum cleaners inevitably leave behind. This fact is well established and invariably confirmed by carpet manufacturer's care instructions. The number one reason some people procrastinate, or even forego hiring a carpet cleaning service is because of the (usually unfounded) assumption that it will be too expensive for the difference it will make. Another reason, however, might be confusion over which method is best Should you use a business that still uses steam cleaning? Or is one of the so called "dry methods" better?


 Our carpet cleaning in Kirkland, Wa services are reliable and you'll like the results. We are a well established carpet cleaning company and we'd be pleased to have your business It's important to us that we take the mystery out of good carpet care so we want to explain just why we do what you do. We're ready to answer any questions that you might have as well.


  We use the steam cleaning method to clean our customer's carpets. This is a bit misleading because hot water, not actual steam is used. Hot water extraction carpet cleaning involves spraying the carpeted area with very hot water. Since water is a universal solvent (we may add cleaning chemicals to the spray) any unwanted particles left at the base of your carpet are removed when we vacuum; which is done immediately upon spraying. The key is quickly and thoroughly drying the area. So called dry carpet cleaning methods are gaining popularity. This is partly because moisture is less likely to be problematic. Hot water extraction, on the other hand removes grime more completely and, so, is superior if thorough drying can be achieved.