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Steam Cleaning in Redmond, WA: Types of Steam Cleaners


Steam cleaning in Redmond, WA is a popular method to clean carpets. Steam cleaning involves the use of an extraction tool. Hot water is fed into the tool or wand which is attached to a vacuum pump unit. The cleaner is then injected under strong pressure into the carpet by jet spray nozzles. The water will be absorbed all the way down into the backing. This deep absorption will loosen any dirt and particles.

You can choose many different types of steam cleaners ranging from small portable units to truck mounted units. They all work the same way. The wand and hose are taken inside from a truck mounted steam cleaning Redmond, WA unit. Truck units are extremely strong providing hot water and a vacuum recovery powered by the diesel fuel or engine of the truck. Many carpet makers and fiber manufacturers strongly recommend this method for deep and effective cleaning.

The standard steam cleaner applies hot water to clean the carpet surface. It is comprised of a collecting tank, boiler, hose, and brushes. After the hose sprays water, the brushes work to clean the surface. The dirty water is suctioned into the tank. Traditional steam cleaners may use solvents, but most only use steam to do the cleaning.

A vapor steam cleaner is made up of a boiler, container with a heat attachment to boil water, nozzle, and hose. The container boils water under strong pressure to make dry steam. The water for dry steam is heated to greater than 100 degrees F. The steam passes through the hose and then the nozzle. When the steam reaches the carpet surface, it loosens dirt and debris. The moisture level in steam is low so the surface dries fast.

Steam cleaning in Redmond, WA can effectively clean carpets. Of course, our professional services will do the best job.

Steam Cleaning in Redmond, WA: Types of Steam Cleaners


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