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Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning Is Better Carpet Cleaning in Redmond

Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning Is Better Carpet Cleaning in Redmond

Residential and business customers who need carpet and upholstery cleaning expect a carpet cleaning business to give them the most thorough cleaning service on their premises in the least amount of time. truck mounted steam in Redmond, WA cleaning fits both of those requirements and is offered at All Star Carpet Cleaning. It is the newest, most advanced way to clean carpets and upholstery, and it offers several advantages to the customer.

Continuous Water Supply:

One of the problems with portable steam cleaners has always been that the water supply in the portable tank runs out and must be refilled. Depending on the size of the carpet that needs to be cleaned, the machine could need to be refilled with water several times.

At All Star Carpet Cleaning we offer truck mounted steam in Redmond, WA, the water supply is located in a large water tank that is stored on the truck itself by All Star Carpet Cleaning. The water is pumped continuously to the lightweight cleaning wand that is connected to the water source. This makes carpet and upholstery cleaning fast and efficient. In addition, a waste tank is also stored on the truck. Dirty water is carried back to the truck, instead of being dumped anywhere on the customer premises.

Powerful Suction:

Stains in carpets tend to get ground-in over time, with repeated foot traffic. Some stains can be a challenge to remove, and may require repeated cleaning treatments. Truck mounted steam in Redmond, WA makes this process less time-consuming. The power source located on the truck heats the water to a high temperature and produces a large amount of suction. Ground-in stains become easier to remove, so the cleaning process is quicker.

Truck mounted steam in Redmond, WA is tailor-made for today's busy residential or business customers.