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Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning in Everett WA

Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning in Everett a very effective method of carpet cleaning that uses hot water extraction to give your carpets a really deep clean. Water and carpet cleaning solution will be pumped onto your carpet which will loosen any dirt and grime that is embedded in the carpet fibers. This is then vacuumed up back into the unit, and all of the dirt will be removed from the carpet as part of this process.


Using a Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning in Everett WA cleaner is a very simple process, and causes much less disruption then units that have to be bought into the house, as time can be saved in the set up and clean up when using a truck mounted unit. Very often the truck is able to park outside your house, and the hose that will be used to carry out the cleaning can be passed through an open door. Once the cleaning is completed, everything is loaded back into are All Star Carpet Cleaning truck and it can be driven away.


All types of stains can be removed using Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning in Everett WA, and it is also a very effective way to remove any odors that may also be present in your carpets. The unit that All Star Carpet Cleaning have are mounted on a truck can make use of a higher level of pressure than hand held unit, and this helps to ensure that your carpets will be left as clean as possible. A protective layer can also be added to your carpets after every treatment so that your carpets remain clean for longer.