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Upholstery Cleaning Services in Kirkland, WA for Your Home


Two of the problems frequently encountered with furniture upholstery are stains and dirt. Food and drinks carried into the living room or dining room can spill all over expensive fabrics, requiring an immediate upholstery cleaning. Playing children may make crayon or pen marks on the furniture.

Even without these mishaps, normal wear and tear can affect the look of upholstery. Natural oils from the skin can get into the arms of upholstery furniture, and can be difficult to remove. Odors from pets and normal body odor can linger, too.

Upholstery cleaning is a standard service that your carpet cleaner has to offer.

What Does Upholstery Cleaning Include?

Carpet cleaners will first of all vacuum your upholstery to get rid of residual dirt. Once this has been done, they will clean your upholstery with a gentle formula, as well as treating stains to remove them. A final cleaning can include a deodorizer and a fabric protector to repel future dirt. Your furniture will smell clean and fresh, and will look like new. Since carpet cleaners use a steam cleaning process, you won't have to wait a long time for your upholstery to dry before you can use it again.

The next time you make an appointment to have your carpets cleaned, ask your technician to do an upholstery cleaning in Kirkland, WA at the same time. It's an additional service that's worth the extra cost.

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