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We Provide Steam Cleaning Bothell, WA Services

 When you have a carpet floor, you have very limited means with which to clean it. It's not as easy as with other floors, since you have to be careful with the kind of cleaner that you use. You can vacuum the surface particles off, and you can use the in store cleaners to try to wash the carpet. But hold on, before you try that, are you sure you want to risk ruining the carpet? Not all carpet cleaners actually work like they're advertised, and many of them have been known to stain various types of carpets without warning. That's because many of the self proclaimed carpet cleaners that are sold in stores only work on certain types of carpeting material, and all others are actually negatively affected, which will only end in frustration as you watch your carpet get ruined in front of your eyes because of the fine print. Even worse, a lot of the cleaners have harmful chemicals that can make your home feel more like a fumigation experiment than a cleaning in progress! Why bother with such a frustrating hassle? Is there no better way to clean your carpet? In fact, there is a better way indeed! Just call us to deal with all of your carpet cleaning inquiries and concerns. We have a solution, and no it's not a chemical one. What we do is different from all the other guys.

We use steam cleaning in Bothell, WA to clean the carpets that we take care of, and it's proven to work. Our steam penetrates deep into the layers that no liquid formula can, and gets rid of any and all dust and dirt particles. It's so effective, we promise 100% customer satisfaction. So what are you waiting for? Call us today, and see how we can give you a high quality, experienced steam cleaning in Bothell, WA for your carpet today! We only allow the best trained, professional cleaners to do it, and we use the latest in high end equipment to get the job done, and done right.

We Provide Steam Cleaning Bothell, WA Services


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