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What you need to know about Professional carpet cleaning in Kenmore, WA


A report by the American Lung Association indicate that dust accumulation in carpet poses a health risk to individuals who suffer from conditions such as snoring and asthma. Although the majority of homeowners prefer carpets in their living rooms, they find often find it hard to clean carpeted surfaces.

 For those who find it hard to clean their carpet, they can instead hire an expert to do the job for them. There are several benefits of professional carpet cleaning in Kenmore, WA services which include: first, dust mite infestations are cleared out through steam cleaning. Second, carpet cleaning in high humid areas can help prevent mold growth. Third, carpet cleaning in Kenmore, WA eliminates trapped pollutants such as pet dander, dust, and dirt.

The amount of traffic in your house is a major factor to consider when deciding how often your carpet needs professional carpet cleaning in Kenmore, WA.

Households with children, pets and lots of foot traffic will require their carpets professionally cleaned quarterly. In addition, it is advisable to vacuum high traffic areas several times a week and once a week in low traffic areas. The following are the most common professional carpet cleaning in Kenmore, WA methods.

Carpet dry cleaning: This method uses very little water and carpet dries more quickly than when cleaned with other methods.

Carpet shampooing: This is where a foamy chemical is applied on the carpet and then the surface is scrubbed using a motorized brush.

Bonnet cleaning: Bonnet cleaning is viewed as a temporary method used in between intensive cleanings.

Steam cleaning: Here, hot water that has reached boiling point is injected through the carpet under high pressure. This method is very effective in killing dust mites, bacteria and in removing odors. This is the most preferred professional carpet cleaning in Kenmore, WA method.

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