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When a Pet Concern Looms: Call the Carpet Cleaning Professionals

Like all pet-lovers, your dog or cat is an important member of your family. Unfortunately, if you also have carpets in your home, you likely understand the challenges of trying to keep your carpet clean, fresh, and looking like new while still allowing your pet to enjoy regular use of it. As much joy as pets bring to the home, they can sometimes spread germs and odors, shed, and have accidents on the carpet, leaving it looking old, worn, and dirty.


The good news is that there is help that you can turn to when you have a carpet related pet concern. Our professional carpet cleaning staff have years of extensive experience at treating carpets just like yours that have been soiled by pet activity, and that appear prematurely old and worn. We use high-powered carpet cleaning equipment, combined with strong and carpet-safe cleaning solutions that will have your carpet looking like new with just one treatment.


What can professional carpet cleaning accomplish for your carpet? Our carpet cleaning treatments will loosen all pet induced dirt, fur, and grime out of carpet fibers, and extract it from carpeting. In addition, tough stains and odors are no match for the power of our cleaning equipment. Pet-related stains will be lifted from the carpet, and odors that have saturated carpet for many months will be completely removed. If any unhealthy microscopic bacteria has been resident in the carpet, it will also be gone. The result will be a carpet that looks and feels like new, allowing your home to look its very best, while keeping your pets happy as well.


The next time you have a pet concern in Bothell, WA call the carpet cleaning professionals. We take pride in serving our customers with excellence every day, one carpet at a time. Call us today!

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