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Why Is Professional Carpet Cleaning The Best And Most Affordable Option?

Many people do not get their carpets professionally cleaned because they view it as a costly alternative to home cleaning methods, including steam cleaner rentals, standard vacuum cleaners, and store bought stain removal solution. However, a look at the facts reveals that professional carpet cleaning is not a luxurious option; it actually makes the most sense. Here are a couple of reasons:


First, even the best home vacuum cleaning equipment is simply not powerful enough to lift the toughest ground-in dirt out of carpets. Over time, dirt on the surface of carpets gets pushed deeper into carpet fibers by the weight of foot traffic, and only high powered cleaning equipment and cleaning methods used by professionals can loosen this dirt and lift it out of the carpet. While steam cleaner rental equipment can have a measure of effectiveness in removing such dirt, the poor quality of many rental machines, combined with a lack of proper training in their use often amounts to the machine simply moving dirt around the carpet and dampening it for days to come.


Another reason is that tough carpet stains caused by wine, juices, oil based products, sauces, or pet urine activity, plus foul odors caused by smoking or pet activity can only be completely lifted out by industrial strength cleaning solutions. Traditional store bought cleaning agents are often ineffective when used on many of these stains and odors, causing many otherwise beautiful carpets to develop an unsightly and unattractive appearance.


Given this information, the best and most affordable carpet cleaning option is to have your carpets cleaned by a reputable professional on a regular basis. This will increase the longevity of your carpets and maintain their beautiful appearance longer. Call us today and discover why we are the expert and affordable carpet cleaning in Kenmore, WA specialists.

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