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Why Professional Bothell, WA Steam Cleaning Is Best For Your Carpet

 Many people decide to occasionally rent steam cleaners when they realize that their carpets are in need of some serious attention due to dirt build-up, stains, and pet or smoking related odors. There is no question that steam cleaning a carpet yields better results in terms of having the capacity to lift dirt and grime out of the carpet that standard vacuum cleaners simply cannot touch. However, is it better to rent a steam cleaner for a do-it-yourself job, or is it more effective to hire a professional to steam clean your carpets?

 Specifically, what occurs during steam cleaning? Most steam cleaners utilize a method known as hot-water extraction. This is a process that generally sprays hot water containing a cleaning solution onto the carpet, and then sucks it back into the machine in a high powered manner, removing dirt, grime, and stains. While this is generally a beneficial process for your carpet, some challenges exist with renting home Bothell, WA steam cleaning machines, which include: making sure the temperature of the water is right, adding the right amount of cleaning solution for optimal results, and perhaps the biggest issue of all is ensuring that the carpets are dry after the cleaning process is completed. Dampness in carpets is a major cause of mold and mildew development, which is very unsafe for the entire household in terms of creating potential respiratory issues for breathing.

 With professional Bothell, WA steam cleaning, you won't have to worry about any of these potential problems. The machinery that is used is sufficiently high powered to thoroughly clean your carpet, and to get the excess dampness out of your carpet during the process, ensuring that your carpets won't be in danger of mold spore development. Additionally, a professional is skilled in terms of knowing the exact type and amount of cleaning solution to use in order to address your carpet's specific cleaning needs.When you need Bothell, WA steam cleaning, call us.






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