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Most carpet cleaners will use about this much water when they clean your carpets. One way or another that dirty water makes its way back into the beautiful Puget Sound. 

When All Star Cleans your carpets we will use about this much water and NONE of it goes into the Puget Sound.

The All Star process restores your carpet by agitating and awakening the fibers, allowing for a 360 degree clean which also allows a much faster drying time.

Join our revolution and get the best possible clean and do your part in protecting our environment!



About All Star Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Mill Creek, Wa

The Power of Information

All Star Carpet Cleaning used truck mounted steam cleaning for nearly 25 years and we thought we had mastered carpet cleaning. We were constantly thinking of ways to improve our company and then one day I got an idea. Slowly and carefully I gathered and reviewed information that helped me develop that idea into a new process of cleaning carpets that outperforms truck mounted systems and uses 90% less water. Our proprietary process combines commercial grade carpet cleaning systems, water technology and advanced carpet cleaning science that produces outstanding results which I personally guarantee.

“Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow."

― Ronald E. Osborn


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